Business and Management Consultants

35 Years of Seasoned and Tenured Experience 

Customized programs in:

"End to End" Purchasing Management

Summary of Customized Services:

  • Identify the purchasing needs specific to project deliverables
  • Identifying vendor and supplier options
  • Negotiating purchase agreements and contracts
  • Obtaining "Value for Spend"
  • Handling any special needs associated with the purchase...licenses, permits, documentary requirements, etc.
  • Handling both domestic and international needs
  • Managing the supply chain, logistics, and freight requirements... from supplier to site!
  • "Turn Key"... to when all deliverables and expectations have been met
  • Transportation, International, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Electronics, Defense, and Industrial.. all areas of expertise!
  • Freight Forwarding, Customhouse Brokerage and Domestic Distribution
  • Trade Compliance Management
  • Purchasing and Global Sourcing

Key Benefits:

  • 35 Years experience

           Global Network ... 6 continents 400 plus cities

                                  Critical Supply Chain Partners

                                           Handling all commodities and special needs